Candy Martini Bar Las Vegas: Menu & Prices

Candy Martini Bar in Las Vegas is one of those places that will leave you mesmerized by how innovative candy stores can be. You will get to experience martinis and candy in a way you never thought possible. The blend of alcoholic beverages and candy items is a unique concept that you will get to see firsthand at this beautiful location in the middle of the Strip.

Candy Martini Bar brings you incredible giant candy martinis that will cost you just $42. One of the options under the giant section is the cotton candy mule that is made with vodka, ginger, beer, fresh mint, and Lime. All of this is rimmed and topped with house-made cotton candy. Tell me that is not an exquisite delight.

We will take you through all the information you need to know about Candy Martini Bar in Las Vegas. You will get to know its location and business hours. We will get to show you the unique options on their menus and which ones you should try when you visit the establishment.

About Candy Martini Bar Las Vegas

About Candy Martini Bar Las Vegas
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  • Address: 3535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 at The Strip in the Linq Promenade
  • Website: Candy Martini Bar
  • Telephone Number: 702-699-5443
  • Business Hours: Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 12 am, Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 1 am

The Candy Martini Bar is conveniently located at the heart of the Strip in Las Vegas. It is situated at the Linq Hotel & Casino, specifically on the Linq Promenade. The shop that houses Candy Martini Bar is I Love Sugar. Enter I Love Sugar and proceed to take the stairs to its second floor. You won’t miss the huge store sign from the entrance.

I Love Sugar Las Vegas covers 14,000 square feet and brings you the best candies you will ever want to try. The candy store is a candy wonderland that houses the best of the best candy options from candy sushi to gummy candy pizza, and giant candy boxes. You will also find giant gummy bears, gummy burgers, gummy pickles, and gummy watermelons.

As you can tell, I Love Sugar, thrives at innovating the candy store industry by pushing the boundaries and creating dream-like creativity in making candy sweets. The store has over 20 design trademarks and patents that protect its special intellectual properties.

This vision from I Love Candy is translated to the Candy Martini Bar which brings you the best of candy sweets and alcoholic beverages. It is an adult Disneyland for the sweet tooths out there who want to have a slight buzz as they taste something savory.

The ambiance of the store is uplifting; from the bright rainbow colors to the beautiful lighting fixtures, and an assortment of sugary sections. You get to feel the joy that I Love Sugar and Candy Martini Bar brings to Las Vegas the minute you step into the premises.

You will want to bring your camera along as they allow you to take photos in the store and there are tons of Instagram-worthy shots. Soak yourself in the joy Candy Martini Bar brings as you get to enjoy a perfectly crafted drink with dry ice fog.

Candy Martini Bar Las Vegas Menu and Prices

Candy Martini Bar Las Vegas Menu and Prices 1
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The I Love Sugar Bar in Las Vegas has a plethora of options on its menu. You will not miss a drink that is perfectly and extravagantly tailored for you. Whether you are a cotton candy fan or into gummy bears, Candy Martini Bar has got you covered.

The menu is divided into a drink menu and the lovely to-go menu that comes with drinks served in to-go cups. You will get to enjoy the drinks more if you choose to drink at the Candy Martin Bar. At the bar, you will get to have the full experience in the gorgeous martini glasses surrounded by great company and amazing staff.

The offerings at Candy Martini Bar in Las Vegas include:

  1. Giant Candy Martinis that sell for $42
  2. Candy Cocktails for $19
  3. Drunkin’ Bears for $12
  4. Sugar Shots for $14 (does not come with a to-go menu)

Giant Candy Martinis at Candy Martini Bar

The Giant Candy Martinis consists of popular items that make Candy Martini Bar what it is. Customers love their selections solely based on this menu that offers you huge drinks that will get you excited and sugar rushed the entire night.

The most beloved and popular option is their number one drink; Don’t Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got. It comes with melon liqueur, apple liquor, apple vodka, sprite, and peach schnapps. It is perfectly rimed with green apple pucker powder and nicely topped off with green, blue, pink rock candy, and candy necklaces.

Get to suck on gummy bears in an adult fashion with Thee Gummy Bear; an innovative drink that is taped with twelve flavors of gummy bears. It is rimmed with orange pucker powder and made of drinks like apple vodka, green melon, watermelon, grape, strawberry liquor, and apple vodka.

Not satisfied? Do not worry. There is the “In Love With The Coco’ option that brings you crème de Cocoa Dark together with vanilla vodka, coffee liquor, and Hazelnut liquor rimmed with cocoa powder. The $42 drink is topped with chocolate-covered gummy bears, malt balls, pretzels, and milk chocolate.

The to-go menu of the Giant Candy Martinis menu only has three options; Thee Gummy Bear, High Roller Margherita topped with gummy bears and strawberries, and the ‘I’ve Been Drinking Watermelon’ that is topped with watermelon gummy bears.

Candy Cocktails at Candy Martini Bar

Candy Martini Bar Las Vegas Menu and Prices 2
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The $19 Candy Cocktails may not be as popular as the Giant Martinis but they do not disappoint at all. All of them have massive dry ice fogs that pull you into the sweetness. You will find options like the Lil Miss Salty Candy Margarita that has a salt rim paired with cotton candy pucker powder. It is a sweet margarita that is topped with a sizeable mound of cotton candy.

Another offering is the Jackpot Dirty Shirley. It is an adult twist to the childhood favorite sweets that is infused with Shirley Temple Vodka. The drink is rimmed with sour cherry pucker powder and garnished with triple cherry gummies.

Is raspberry your favorite flavor? Well, Candy Martini Bar offers you the Boulevard Tease drink that comes with blue raspberry flavors blends rimmed with the orange pucker powder. The whole drink is topped with several belt candies that add to the exquisite delight.

Keep in mind that the to-go menu of the Candy Cocktails only has three options you can choose from. That is:

  • Jolly Paradise with blue raspberry gummy bears and candy rings
  • Watermelon Sugar that comes with gummy watermelon rings and gummy watermelon wedges with a sweet watermelon flavor
  • Kiss The Frog which is topped with a gummy frog and grapefruit candy

Drunkin’ Bears at Candy Martini Bar

The Drunkin’ Bear menu has only two types of bear drinks; the Vodka Bears and the Tequila Bears. The drinks pack a punch but go down easy with an assortment of choices you can select – 10 Vodka or 10 Tequila gummy bears. These gummy bears are infused with the liquor of your choosing for you to suck on and have a great time.

The to-go menu of the Drunkin’ Bear options is similar to the drink-in menu.

Sugar Shots at Candy Martini Bar

The $14 Sugar Shots consists of just three offerings: the Funky Pink Flamingo, Rainbow Burst, and the Pop It Likes It’s Hot. You will love the Funky Pink Flamingo with its 2 oz of Pink Starburst Vodka blended with pina colada pucker powder rim and three pink starburst candies.

Final Thoughts

Candy Martini Bar is a must visit place in Las Vegas. It is a one-of-a-kind experience from the innovative drinks at the establishment to the décor that invites you in. It is a delight for unwinding after a long day and a perfect place to take your loved ones for a good time.

Moreover, the drinks are not expensive as you would expect from similar places. You can get to try the Drunkin’ Bears for just $12, a treat that gives you so many options that will quench your sweet tooth cravings and give you great buzz.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is I Love Sugar Restaurant Rated?

I Love Sugar is a five-star candy store that brings you a unique experience full of unheard innovations and creativity that you do not see every day. Customers love their special offerings and how special of an experience they provide.

2. Is Candy Martini Bar Currently Accepting Reservations?

You can reserve seats for you and your crew at Candy Martini Bar and its other establishments by visiting the reservation page on their website. Ensure you are clear on the time and the number of guests attending.