The 21 Best Desserts in Las Vegas

No dinner is complete without the savory taste of some insatiable sweet tooth dessert. But why have a simple dessert when you can have something more spectacular, like the Giant Fortune Cookie from Tao Asian Bistro?

So, what is the most popular dessert in Nevada? Did you know the Gâteau Basque is the most popular dessert in Nevada? Yes, the Gâteau Basque Festival has been held in Nevada for over 50 years. However, the Capello at Sinatra is considered the most legendary dessert in the whole state.

Las Vegas is the land of extravagant and outlandish spectacles that will make you wonder why the rest of the world is a bit dull. Sin City has put a good spin on some of your favorite desserts through famous chefs’ innovations and increasing the desserts’ sizes.

Whether you want more chocolate-stuffed macarons or titanic-sized sundaes, Las Vegas got you covered. So, where can you buy these desserts on or off the Strip?

Top 21 Desserts on And Off Las Vegas Strip

1. Cappello Fedora – Sinatra at Encore Las Vegas

Cappello Fedora – Sinatra at Encore Las Vegas

  • Address: 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

You cannot talk about exceptional desserts in Nevada without Cappello from Sinatra Las Vegas. The restaurant is centered around the best of Italy flavors with signature dishes from the star chef Theo Schoenegger. A great ending to any great course is this sumptuous hat-shaped dessert.

Cappello is a fedora-shaped dessert made with a delicate amount of Valrhona dark chocolate mousse. For $17, you get the quirky dessert with a side of sweetened honey panna cotta spiked with a generous amount of Jack Daniel’s.

2. Giant Fortune Cookie – Tao Asian Bistro in the Venetian

Giant Fortune Cookie – Tao Asian Bistro in the Venetian

  • Address: 3377 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Tao Asian Bistro is close to the upper level of Doge’s Palace Entrance in the Venetian.

Dishes are Pacific-inspired with lots of China, Thailand, and Japanese influences. Chef Partner Ralph Scamardella presents innovative and bespoke dishes like the wasabi-crusted filet and the popular miso-glazed Chilean sea bass.

The favorite celebrity restaurant adds the giant fortune cookie dessert to mark a fulfilling end to the multicourse meals.

Tao makes 100 of these huge desserts every single day by hand. It has a crunchy feel with a chocolate mouse and several toppings like peanuts, fruits, and fortunes.

Like every fortune cookie, crack it open to take a look at your destiny.

3. 24-Layer Chocolate Cake – The Strip House

24-Layer Chocolate Cake – The Strip House

  • Address: 3667 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

According to the Food Network, the Strip House is the maker of the number one chocolate dessert in America.

Spanish cocoa powder and Sumatran coffee are the secret ingredients that make the whole chocolate pop.

The 24 layers of the decadent treat consist of 11 layers of chocolate custard filling, based on more than 12 layers of chocolate cake.

Then the top layer is finished with a generous layer of French chocolate ganache.

4. Titanic Sundae Cake – Carmine’s Italian Las Vegas

Titanic Sundae Cake – Carmine’s Italian Las Vegas
Source: @carminesnyc
  • Address: 3500 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Carmine’s Italian Restaurant is located in the gorgeous Forum Shops of Caesars Hotel, where the order of the day is Southern Italian cuisine made in a family fashion. Magic is made with the pairing of the family-made recipe of pasta and antipasto, well paired with a generous wine list.

To top it off, Carmine brings its decades-old family-style dessert to the awe of many Vegas diners. The Titanic Sundae Cake comes with six generous scoops of ice cream and a good mix of strawberries, pineapple, and caramelized bananas, all for $28.95.

5. Sticky Toffee Pudding – Gordon Ramsay Steak, Fish & Chips, Pub & Grill, Hell’s Kitchen, Burger

Sticky Toffee Pudding – Gordon Ramsay

  • Address: 3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Few celebrity chefs are quite loved and misunderstood, like the award-winning Chef Gordon Ramsay. Love or hate him; he freely delivers his famous pudding recipes for all to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.

The recipes of the puddings vary in several of his restaurants, but the one in Gordon Ramsay in Paris Las Vegas stands out.

The sticky toffee pudding is served straight up, unlike in Fish & Chips, which comes in shakes. Its recipe combines a sweet pudding cake with brown sugar toffee and a sizeable brown butter ice cream.

6. Beehive Baked Alaska – Delilah Supper Club

Beehive Baked Alaska – Delilah Supper Club
Source: @delilahlv
  • Address: 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Supper club Delilah at Wynn Las Vegas is known for its outstanding show of glamour and living large. It is a fine dining restaurant in the Tower Suites that exclusively serves impressive 1950s-themed looks and décor, making it a futurist atmosphere.

As part of the allure and elegance, Delilah puts her charm to work by instilling a form of nostalgia in every bite of the desserts.

Remember the days of Hollywood glamour by tasting the classic Beehive Baked Alaska made in its original fashion by resident chef Benjamin Maigne.

Bite into the toasted honey meringue and let the honeycomb candy melt in your mouth alongside the sweet lemon ice cream.

7. Banana Cream Pie – Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House Las Vegas

Banana Cream Pie – Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House Las Vegas
Source: @emerilsfish
  • Address: 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The signature $9 Emeril’s Banana Cream Pie has been a famous and favorite dessert in all her restaurants, including Delmonico Steakhouse and Emeril’s & Meril in New Orleans.

Located in the MGM Grand Las Vegas, the restaurant tailors to fish and shellfish lovers with its delicate dining creations. The Banana Cream Pie tops all meals with a savory blend of Emeril’s three-pound banana recipe.

8. Flower Pot Cake – Jardin Las Vegas

Flower Pot Cake – Jardin Las Vegas

  • Address: 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The realist flower pot cake from Jardin will leave you shocked for days. You can easily mistake the bright flowery, and sugary colors for your regular plant. The base is a yellow chocolate flower vase with a top of multicolored crushed chocolate cookies and real edible flowers.

Many guests wonder how much work it takes to make such a magnificent display, but you will also be surprised to know it is not difficult to make one by yourself. You can easily make the cake at home in under two hours.

9. Black Tap Crazy Shakes Milkshakes

Black Tap Crazy Shakes Milkshakes

  • Address: 3355 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Instead of taking your dessert as an accompaniment, how about you head into a dedicated shop for stand-alone desserts like Black Tap’s CrazyShake milkshakes?

Venetian’s picturesque venue serves many fast food dishes, from burgers to specialty fries and onion rings.

Classic shakes are plenty, from the fruity pebbles to the brownie batter, but you should go for the crazy shakes. Take the Crazy Shakes with full-sized pieces of cake and a lot of dripping ice cream.

10. Lemon Ricotta Cookies and Italian Rainbow Cake – Pronto by Giada

Italian Rainbow Cake – Pronto by Giada
Source: @prontobygiada
  • Address: 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Pronto by Giada in Caesars Palace delivers one-of-a-kind desserts with simple recipes like the famous lemon Ricotta cookies that ooze a signature Giada-fied flavor.

Another eye-catching part of the dessert collection is the Italian rainbow cake filled with colorful chocolates and delectable savory flavors.

11. Milk Bar Las Vegas Desserts

Milk Bar Las Vegas Desserts
Source: @cosmopolitan_lv
  • Address: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Cereal Milk Ice cream is among many legendary desserts from Christina Tosi’s dessert place, Milk Bar at the Cosmo. Located in the Boulevard Tower, the award-winning Chef brings you playful and whimsical takes on home-style desserts with a keen focus on quirky presentations.

Nothing ordinary is done to the Milk Bar, and adults may love the booze-spiked milkshakes, especially the white Cereal Milk Russians made with a bit of vodka and Kahlua. Try the Fancy Fruity Cereal Shake made with dark rum.

12. Carlo’s Bakery Desserts

Carlo’s Bakery Desserts
Source: @carlosbakery
  • Address: 3325 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

The Lobster Tails from Carlo’s Bakery tell more of a history than you may think. The Venetian restaurant has been sharpening its bakery craft with over 100 years under its belt. This can be seen in the unique takes on bakery products and desserts.

Buddy Valastro has shed many tears while creating the fancy and famous lobster tail, mainly due to its time-consuming nature of it. The hand-pulled flaky dough is the main ingredient, and the whole dessert is topped off nicely with sugar powder and French cream.

The delectable dessert got much media attention after the Cake Boss Show aired a segment showcasing the unique dish. Since then, Buddy Valastro has been synonymous with the legendary dessert, and so is Las Vegas.

13. Hakkasan Restaurant Las Vegas Desserts

Hakkasan Restaurant Las Vegas Desserts
Source: @hakkasanvegas
  • Address: 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Located in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Hakkasan Restaurant offers outlandish desserts and world-class Chinese cuisine.

Five desserts make the menu with a clear outlier, the Hakka Platter, which combines all five desserts into one humongous savory dish filled with lots of chocolate and rose-infused Lychee dumplings.

The five desserts include:

  • the spikey lemon with almond cake & calamansi gel;
  • raspberry and lychee dumplings infused with rose;
  • hibiscus tartelette with hibiscus cream and mango compote topped with coconut meringue;
  • sweet caviar with cherry marmalade dipped in chocolate mousse
  • and the Souffle topped with vanilla truffle ice cream

14. King Kong Sundae – Sugar Factory Las Vegas

King Kong Sundae – Sugar Factory Las Vegas
Source: @thesugarfactory
  • Address: Multiple Locations

Are you thinking of the best ice cream in the world? How about one with 24 scoops of ice cream capable of serving more than 10 people?

Well, that is what the Sugar Factory brings you with the sparkling King Kind Sundae at the Las Vegas American Brasserie.

15. Donut Bar Las Vegas (Closed)

Donut Bar Las Vegas
Source: @donutbarlv
  • Address: 125 South 6th Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Great desserts do not need to get any better than some sugary and chocolate-filled doughnuts lined up in plenty in a donut shop. That is what the Donut Bar brings you in Downtown Las Vegas.

Donut Bar opens at 7 am serving specials from San Diego like the ‘Big Poppa Tart’ and the maple Bourbon with, you guessed it, a dose of Bourbon.

Other popular choices include the Nutella Overload, Homer’s Donut, Vermont Maple Bacon, and the Strawberry Split (donuts with strawberries dipped in cream).

16. Frozen Custard – Luv-It Frozen Custard

Frozen Custard – Luv-It Frozen Custard
Source: @luvitfrozencustard
  • Address: 505 East Oakley Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89104

If you are looking for the best place to get your frozen desserts in Las Vegas, then Luv-It Frozen Custard is your first pick.

Classics are sometimes the best, and Luv-It offers a wide range of frozen delectables with popular choices like the Western with hot fudge, Carmel, and pecans toppings. Go for the large 16 oz. Super sundaes if you need a real kicker.

17. Sweet Sensation and Manga Island – Arawan Thai Bistro and Dessert

Manga Island – Arawan Thai Bistro and Dessert
Source: @arawanthaibistro
  • Address: 953 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89104

The intimate setting at Arawan Thai Bistro compliments the recognizable dessert menu from Chefs Jui and Gail. You may be forgiven for thinking the desserts are better than the main course since they are too savory to ignore.

Sweet Sensation and Manga Island are the most popular. Manga Island comes with a combo of passion fruit creme mixed with fresh mango gelato. A crispy waffle is put in the mix with the addition of some crunch almonds and coconut sauce on top.

18. Sweets Raku – Raku Grill

Sweets Raku - Raku Grill
Source: @sweetsraku
  • Address: 5040 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Insanely mind-blowing is the word you may use to describe the great presentation of Sweets Raku’s desserts.

If you want a coconut panna cotta served with hot mango sauce or a chestnut cream cake made to look like spaghetti, this is where you need to be.

19. Chocolate Macaron – Bardot Brasserie

Chocolate Macaron – Bardot Brasserie
Source: @bardot_lv
  • Address: 3730 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Located in ARIA Resort & Casino, Michael Mina’s Bardot Brasserie takes the desserts to another level with creative dessert presentations of the lead Chef, Joshua Smith.

A great depiction of his skill is the huge chocolate grand macaron made from a French almond cookie, filled with hazelnut mouse, hot fudge, and lots of dripping chocolate sauce.

20. Saint Honore Doughnuts & Beignets’ Couture Doughnuts

Saint Honoré
Source: @ilovesainthonore
  • Address: 9460 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89147

If you follow a few desserts and pastry pages on TikTok or Instagram, you may have run into the extravagant desserts from Saint Honore. The world’s first couture doughnut shop brings classics from salted caramel doughnuts to maple donuts and Boston Crème.

The signature couture doughnuts are what Saint Honore is known for, and you will love their popular Queenie doughnut swimming with funfetti pastry cream and topped with crunchy pearls.

21.  Pinkbox Doughnuts – Plaza Hotel & Casino

Pinkbox Doughnuts - Plaza Hotel

  • Address: 1 Main Street, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

The official doughnut partner of the Vegas Golden Knights, Pinkbox Doughnuts, is one of the newest dessert places in Las Vegas.

Opened in 2023 at the Plaza Hotel & Casino, Pinkbox serves toothsome desserts like the OG Classic glazed raised ring and the chocolate frosted doughnut cake topped with hot pink sprinkles.

An oversized 3D doughnut sculpture invites you into a sprinkle lit dessert place with delicious doughnuts tucked behind a custom illuminated glass display case. The iconic pink floor stripes signature to Pinkbox create a fun and lively atmosphere that screams candy land. 

Although, it is not the only Pinkbox Doughnut place in Vegas. Several 24/7 venues are located in Summerlin, Sunset Road, North Las Vegas, Southwest Vegas, and Henderson. However, Pinkbox at the Plaza isn’t a 24 hours restaurant.

Hours are from 5 am to 2 am Monday – Thursday, but the doors remain open from Friday 5 am to Sunday 2 am (only Saturday is 24 hours).

The signature pink drips on the walls and the 7’ doughnut statue are not the only attractive things about Pinkbox. With over 70 different varieties of doughnuts, Pinkbox brings you popular offerings like the Vegas Cream and the PINKY doughnut which is also the face of the doughnut franchise.

Apart from your regular options like the Blue Rainbow Ring & Toasted Coconut donuts, you also have the options to make custom orders (72-hour notice required) which you can pick at any of Pinkbox’s nearest locations to you.

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Final Thoughts

Also, try the famous Hit Me Chocolate Cake from the Catch in ARIA Resort & Casino or the Pineapple Carpaccio from Hell’s Kitchen.

You may not think a prominent steakhouse would have some over-the-top desserts, but N9NE Steakhouse does a great job with its Campfire S’mores.

Do not forget Lavo’s celebrity special fried Oreo Zeppole with Oreos dipped in milkshakes or Flan desserts at Jaleo.