Flamingo Las Vegas Pools: Hours, Prices & Tips

The Flamingo Las Vegas pools have something for everyone with family-friendly pools and an adults-only option. Two pools grace the resort & casino, with the Go Pool being designated for adults and the Beach Club Pool reserved for family-oriented relaxations. 

Tropical designs grace the Flaming pools with the tropical trees and overhang canopies that build a coastal feel to the pools. Go pool offers you the chance to partake in the infamous party Vegas is widely known for, with several appearances from top artists and DJs. On the other hand, the Beach Club Pool brings you a more relaxed feel right next to the Beach Club café. 

This article will take you through the various offerings in the venues. Read more to get to know what differentiates the two pools and which one is meant for you. Moreover, we will go through the booking processes and prices to get to help your budget your vacation money better. 

Go Pool: 21+ Flamingo Las Vegas Pool

Flamingo Go Pool 1
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  • Entry fee: Free for Flamingo Hotel Guests, Non-Guests have to purchase a cabana or daybed, starting at $75
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Go Pool Day club is open to the public, unlike the Beach Club Pool. Guests at the Flamingo get to use the pool at no charge, but guests are charged by purchasing a cabana or daybed. Keep in mind the booking is subject to the manager’s discretion. This has been due to a recent change in policies; before then, quests were charged a flat fee of $22 to enter the premises. 

Prices for the daybed and cabana vary depending on their sizes and location. Small daybeds that can accommodate two people are charged $75. Four people’s daybeds are $100. This gives you access to the pool through an expedited line, an umbrella depending on the weather, and free juice & soda mixers. 

Flamingo Go Pool 2
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The pool’s edge wet deck daybeds start at $150 for a 6-seater. Party daybeds for four people start at $200, and they both give you access to the same complimentary items as purchasing a small daybed. Cabana rentals start at $300 for seating of twelve to fifteen guests. The cabanas come with extra things like a fridge, bar, TV, couch, private lounge area, and sun loungers at the front of each cabana. 

The pool is open every day of the week from 9 am to 6 pm. Various entertainment events include parties, artist performances, and events that provide you with VIP-style entertainment. Some artists and celebrities to rock the Go Pool stage include Ja Rule, Rita Ora, Amber Rose, Christina Malian, Taboo, Nick Cannon, Tone Loc, Flo Rida, Jesse McCartney, and Vanilla Ice. 

Go pool is only for adults and is inviting with its laid-back design full of overhangs and a waterfall wall that drains into the pool. The party central at the Las Vegas Strip is home to loud and pulsating music that invites many young people looking for the best Las Vegas day clubbing offers. 

As you would expect from such a party scene in Las Vegas, drinks are somewhat expensive. You can expect to buy a bottled beer for $10 and a bucket for about $45. Slushy drinks will set you back about $19 for 12 ounces and $29 for 22 ounces. 

The $200 Millionaire Mimosa is your pick for the spender as it comes with champagne, orange juice, and orange slices. One tip you should take into consideration is bringing a large water bottle since water prices are high; for example, Fiji’s regular water bottle goes for $7, and a bucket of five is $30. 

Keep in mind that you are not permitted to come with a wide range of things like gimbal sticks or GoPro cameras. You also can’t get into the pool with either a vape or any smoking device or drug. Moreover, you can only bring one sealed non-alcoholic beverage from one person outside. This applies to all types of drinks, even those purchased at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

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Beach Club Pool: Flamingo Las Vegas Pool for all Ages

Flamingo Beach Club Pool
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Beach Club Pool is not open to the public apart from Flamingo Las Vegas guests, and it is free. This family-oriented pool does not boast the many lively and party features you can see on the Go Pool. Instead, the Beach Club Pool brings you a relaxing ambiance with a nearby café where you can get to take a beverage as your kids enjoy a dip in the pool.

You may think it is pretty unusual to have the pool called club since it is not one but keep in mind that this used to be a topless pool before its renovation. Male guests used to be charged $20 to get in, but the resort saw it best to create a family venue instead.

You can see the High Roller Observation Wheel from the Beach Club, and the palm trees plus lush vegetation make for a calming scenery. It is a great location for family hangouts and for the grown-ups who do not want to be disturbed by the loudspeakers at the Go Pool below. 

The waterslide is a favorite for the young kids who want to be swooshed along with a faux-rock slide into the pool.

Beach Club pool is open to Flamingo resort guests every day of the week from 9 am to 5 pm. The daybeds and cabanas must be rented. A day bed of four guests will set you back at least $375; this goes up with the number of guests, and cabanas are more expensive. Reach out to the management at 702-697-2888 to learn more about their offerings.

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Final Thoughts

The daybeds and cabanas at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino come with a dedicated server and cabana host who ensure you get the best VIP treatment possible. Additionally, the cabanas are decorated with two lounge chairs for your maximum comfort and a ceiling fan for great aeration. The Lagoon at the Beach Club pool is tranquil for a day full of wild paradise experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to get into the Flamingo pool?

Go pool and the Beach Club pool at Flamingo Las Vegas are free to all the guests at the Hotel. However, non-quests are required o book a cabana or daybed to gain access to the Go Pool. Charges start at $75 for the smallest daybed. 

Unfortunately, non-guests are not allowed into the Beach Club pool since it Is specifically reserved for the Flamingo Las Vegas guests. It is important to remember that the cabanas and daybeds have to be rented out regardless of your status, guest or non-guest. It is on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

2. Is the Flamingo Pool heated?

The Go Pool Day club and the Beach Club pool are not heated. Suppose you are looking for heated pools on the Strip. In that case, we recommend you look at Aria, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Palazzo, Venetian Encore, Park MGM, Sahara, Resorts World, and Trump International. 

Some of the heated pools at these locations are closed for a short period during maintenance. Be sure to check in on their websites for any updates. 

3. Do I need some form of identification to get into the Flamingo pools?

Guests are required to have a valid ID to use their credit card or have the bill charged to their rooms from the Flaming Las Vegas pools. Any visitor to the Go Pool is required to have valid proof of identification to check their age (21+). 

4. What is the pool season for the Go Pool and Beach Club Pool at Flamingo?

Pool season for the two Flamingo Pools: Go Pool and Beach Club, runs from March to October. The pools are then closed for the rest of the months due to the weather and maintenance. Remember that the Flamingo Pools are not heated.