Palms AYCE Buffet: Lobster, Crab Feast & More

Although it boasts some of the most expensive suites and the most exclusive games rooms in Vegas, Palms Casino’s buffet offers a wide selection of high-quality dishes for extremely reasonable prices.

Whether you want breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner, this buffet has something for you. And if you’re thinking of heading there to sample everything on offer, here we have all the details of what to expect.

A.Y.C.E. Buffet At Palms Casino Resort Overview

A.Y.C.E. Buffet
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The A.Y.C.E Buffet at Palms is located behind the Unknown Bar on the Casino Floor of the 94,065 square foot gaming space.

Started as the Bistro Buffet in 2007, the venue used to offer all meals including breakfast, lunches, and dinners with Champagne brunches and Build-Your-Own Omelet Bars.

In 2017, the Bistro Bar was rebranded to the All You Can Eat (A.Y.C.E) Buffet bringing you the full glory of what is one of the most popular buffets in the Vegas valley. Like other buffets A.Y.C.E Palms has faced its fare share of challenges and none were more noticeable than the 2020 healthy safety closures.

A handful of Vegas buffets, including the likes of the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace and the Wicked Spoon Buffet at The Cosmopolitan, managed to reopen almost as soon as they were allowed – while others, including the A.Y.C.E. Buffet, lagged behind.

The good news is that A.Y.C.E is now fully back, and unlike a few others that closed completely, A.Y.C.E is open every day, offering the full range of breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner sittings to those who don’t mind heading off-Strip for a meal.

Generally speaking, for the spread available and the quality of everything on offer, this buffet represents exceptional value for money, making it a great option for those who want to experience one of the top buffets in Vegas without spending a fortune.

On the other hand, for those who don’t mind spending a bit more, Wednesday & Thursday nights are lobster nights, allowing you to gorge yourself on whole lobsters and lobster tails, while the Crab Feast Dinner and the Prime Rib Dinner on Friday, which are also well worth making the trip for.

The Food

Unlike most of the other buffets in town, A.Y.C.E. doesn’t organize the food by country of origin but rather by the style of cooking. This means you’ll find seven distinct sections, each showcasing one particular cooking method.

The different cooking areas are World Pan, Revival, The Greenery, The Roastery, The Hearth, Smoke & Fire and Sweet & Light.

AYCE Buffet Desserts
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Between these seven areas, you’ll find a wide selection of meats, both barbecued and roasted, along with oven-cooked dishes, salads and greens, dishes from around the world, healthy options and of course, desserts.

So in short, whatever you’re in the mood for and whatever your favorite dishes, at A.Y.C.E. Buffet, you’re sure to find all the food you love.

Now let’s have a look at some of the highlights you shouldn’t miss from each of the seven sections.

Some Dishes to Look Out For

  • World Pan

As the name of this section tells you, it features dishes and delicacies from around the world.

During breakfast, expect a selection of dim sum, including custard-filled bao, shrimp shumai, pork pot stickers and more. There are also different versions of fried rice to fill up on.

During dinner, you can also expect to sample such delights as Jamaican jerk chicken, chicken tikka masala and a decent selection of sushi and sashimi.

  • Revival

Revival is the section to go to for healthy options, and you’ll also find intriguing creations such as jackfruit coconut curry, roasted Brussels sprouts and an assortment of healthy juices. Other highlights include the miso garden cake and the roasted eggplant.

  • The Greenery

The Greenery is the buffet’s salad bar, and during the breakfast and brunch sittings, you can also find some of the more traditional breakfast foods there.

Head to The Greenery for rolled oats as well as miso soup and vegetable soup along with a selection of fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs and a choice of charcuterie. Don’t miss the peeled shrimp cocktail either.

At dinner, they also serve a variety of salads, including Caesar salad, frizzy salad with egg and octopus’ salad along with the likes of creamy shrimp and shell pasta.

  • The Roastery

The Roastery, as you may guess from the name, focuses mainly on roast meats – it’s one of the carvery sections in the buffet.

For breakfast and brunch, look out for the classic eggs Benedict, the homestyle potatoes and the applewood smoked bacon as well as the honey-glazed bone-in ham and the Hawaiian sausage.

During the dinner sitting, you can also look forward to roast chicken, beef steamship, southern fried spicy chicken and rosemary garlic porchetta. Some more original options include roasted Hawaiian gold pineapple and roasted watermelon.

  • The Hearth

The Hearth is all about oven cooking, and you’ll find a selection of hearty and succulent dishes in this area.

During the breakfast and brunch sittings, expect to find treats such as Italian breakfast sausage, roasted vegetables, creamy polenta and eggs, breakfast stromboli and several different pizza options, including a special breakfast pizza.

Later, for dinner, you will have the option of made-to-order pasta with a selection of different ingredients to choose from, and the garlic butter spiced prawns are also not to miss.

  • Smoke & Fire
AYCE Buffet Smoke & Fire
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Smoke & Fire is the barbecue section, and it features plenty more to attract all dedicated carnivores. Several delectable non-meat options are also to be found.

During the early sittings, look out for kielbasa sausage, egg brisket scramble, beef brisket scramble and Southwest potato hash.

Later, during dinner, they also have brisket chops, black angus burger, pulled pork, pork shoulder, beef brisket – and a range of irresistible sauces to go with your meat.

  • Sweet & Light

This is the dessert section, and the choices on offer are similar during all sittings. Look out for carrot cake, muffins, crème brûlée and gelato with assorted toppings to add. They also have hot dessert favorites such as apple pie and peach cobbler.

  • Wednesday & Thursday Nights – Lobster Dinner
A.Y.C.E. Buffet Lobster Nights
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Feast on AYCE lobsters every Wednesday & Thursday from 2 pm till 9 pm. This is Palms Buffet’s most sort-after dinner and you can expect long waiting times, extending past three hours, reservations are highly encouraged.

Do not mind the wait since the lobsters are in plenty. Palms has two lobster stations, serving unlimited lobsters all night and you won’t run out of the sauces regardless of the time you spend at the buffet.

You get the lobster tails and whole lobsters as the main dish, fresh out of the kitchen with a little hint of spice that is not so overwhelming. The butter poached lobster tails are tender, add more butter for a moister and buttery taste.

Other dinner dishes are still available from the snow crab legs to seafood, salads, shrimp, pasta, shrimp cocktails, assorted breads, smoke & fire essentials, pizza, bacon, cheese, and much more.

  • Friday Nights – Prime Rib and Snow Crab Dinner
Palms AYCE Crab Feast Dinner
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For $43, the prime rib dinner offers something that meat lovers will love. You can have your prime rib neatly rare or roasted on the grill, feel free to tell the server how you like your rib prepared.

They are loved for their tender meats with such flavorful palates that taste better when finished on the grill. It’s juicy and moist giving you that savory taste that prime rib lovers crave for.

Thursday Diners used to include a crab feast but that has now been replaced with the Friday Snow Crab dinner – unlimited crab dishes ranging from hot to cold snow crab legs.

They are situated next to the shrimp cocktails and have flavorful undertones with noticeable spices and salty tastes; definitely worth the money.

There are two crab sections all with Dungeness crab, Jonah crab, drawn butter, and snow crab. Other items include roasted chicken, teriyaki chicken wings, chow mein, nachos, salmon poke, fried rice, eggplant, and much more.

  • Surprise Theme Nights on Saturdays
Palms AYCE Surprise Theme Nights on Saturdays
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On every last Saturday of each month, Palms buffet surprises its guests with a theme night that features uniquely curated meals. This ranges from All-American, Italian, & Mexican theme nights, to live entertainment and special stations. Visit the buffet website to check out the upcoming last Saturday night themes.

The surprise weekend dinners are still 5 pm to 10 pm but the prices are higher (at $42.99) than regular weekend dinners ($36.99). The price is worth it since you get items you usually wouldn’t have on regular weekends like the New England lobster rolls, Yankee pot roast, and some slider stations.

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Opening Hours And Prices

The A.Y.C.E Buffet currently opens for brunch and dinners alone. Brunch is on Saturday and Sunday whereas regular dinners stretch through Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, & Sunday. \

Specialty dinners include the Wednesday & Thursday Lobster Nights and the Friday Specials: Prime Rib & Snow Crab Dinner. Prices are higher during these special dinners.

Kids aged 3-11 pay children’s rates – those aged 12 and above pay full price while children below 3 eat for free.

Here are the full listings for times and prices:

Lobster Dinner $64.99 for Adults
$54.99 for Children
Wednesday & Thursday from 2 pm to 9 pm
Friday Special (Prime Rib & Snow Crab Dinner) $42.99 for Adults
$29.99 for Children
Friday from 4 pm to 10 pm
Brunch Buffet $32.99 for Adults
$19.99 for Children
Saturday & Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm
Dinner Buffet $36.99 for Adults
$21.99 for Children
Monday & Tuesday from 4 pm to 9 pm
Saturday from 5 pm to 10 pm
Sunday from 5 pm to 9 pm

Reservations And Wait Times

Reservations are not required for the A.Y.C.E Buffet, but if you plan on going during peak times, expect to have to wait in line. If you can be flexible and eat outside of peak times, you won’t have to wait as long.

Peak dinner times during AYCE lobster dinners, crab feast, and holidays are the most sort after. With this in mind, the AYCE buffet has an Open Table Texting waitlist that helps you save a spot for you and your guests.

Please keep in mind that it is recommended you arrive early since the seating can be closed up to four hours before the closing period.

Dress Code

AYCE Buffet is casual attire. If you turn up in pajamas or swimwear, for example, you risk being turned away at the door.


Unlike many of the Strip buffets, Palms offers free valet and self-parking, making this an even more attractive option for those with cars.

Address And Contact Details

  • Address:Palms Casino Resort, 4321 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
  • Telephone:866-752-2236

How To Find Palms AYCE Buffet

Palms Casino Resort is located on W Flamingo Rd. Head west along this road from the main Strip and the resort is located on the left.

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Among the Very Best Off-Strip Options

Although it took a bit longer to return than some of the other Vegas buffets, the Palms Casino A.Y.C.E Buffet is now back – and it’s just as exciting as ever.

It offers great value for money, a wide range of delicious foods to suit all tastes and the option for special lobster or snow crab and prime rib dinners – all of which make it comfortably among the very best off-Strip options in town.

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