Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas: All You Need To Know

There are different ways to relax and have fun. Some people prefer staying outdoors while some prefer to stay indoors. Whichever you choose, it is important you achieve what you want. A nightclub has a lot more to offer aside from the dance and music. That is why Tao nightclub is there for you.

This nightclub is a place meant for entertainment and fun. The venue stays open from the latter part of the evening till dawn. The nightclub offers more than just entertainment; it is also a place where you can relax your nerves after a stressful day. Asides from this, people can visit here to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. Since it is located in the Venetian, people are attracted to this place.

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Anyone walking into this nightclub must adhere to their dress code. People aren’t allowed to walk into Tao in tennis shoes, shorts, or jeans. Another great feature of this nightclub is that it offers you some of the best music. It has got some of the best DJs.

Tao nightclub has been existing for over a decade and it has remained one of the best. Some of the most popular people in sports, music, and entertainment love this place. Everything offered in Tao is top-notch here.  This is where you find top celebrities and DJs. Tao gives you the best experience when it comes to nightlife and dining.

What Does Tao Nightclub Offer?

What Does Tao Nightclub Offer
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Tao nightclub has a lot to offer. It features a dance floor, 40-foot outside terrace, private skyboxes, etc.  With its state-of-the-art lighting and music, you will love to party hard. Tao opens from Thursday to Saturday from 10 pm to 4 am.

In this place, you will get to meet different celebrities. Tao covers two big areas of the upper level. It features tubs filled with water, roses, and women. There is a DJ booth that glows differently. The energy in this nightclub is very contagious.

There are dance platforms, VIP area, eight skyboxes, espresso machines, etc. You are allowed to explore different bars all through the club. This Las Vegas nightclub keeps improving. It is located within the Grand Canal Shoppers and the Venetian resort.

This place is easy and comfortable for those who want an exceptional, yet an entertaining venue. It is convenient for guests staying at a hotel in the Strip. There is also an outdoor balcony where you can have a good relaxation.

The food and drinks offered in this nightclub have exquisite taste. The foods go well with the drinks offered.

There is a beach club in Tao. This beach is open whenever the weather is favorable, and usually falls between March and September. The nightclub provides twelve cabanas alongside bottle service and food during pool season. You will also get good tunes from the best DJs.

Tao Nightclub Events

Several events take place at the Tao nightclub. These entertaining events are part of the things that distinguish this nightclub from others. This nightclub has a calendar for all its events and you can easily make a reservation for these events. This event calendar includes the date and time of the event.

The nightclub also offers special packages for those who want to celebrate special moments in their life. There are also options for celebration packages. These include bachelorette/bachelor packages, divorce party packages, dinner & nightlife, and birthday packages. Tao nightclub simply makes that difference – the special moment in your life memorable.

Tao Nightclub Bottle Service

Tao nightclub offers great bottle services at different prices. You are required to book a bottle service. The Voyeur Lounge table pricing depends on the number of people in your group. This table features 11 locations that demand a table minimum that should cost about $450. The prices of Voyeur Lounge tables can increase during holidays.

There are several packages for bottle service at Tao. For example, the Silver Package Entry Level tables are priced between $550 and $3,000. This is based on the number of people are in your group. If there are 4 guests, the minimum price for a table begins at $550. You will have to pay $1300 if there are about 8 guests.

You will be charged $1850 if you have about 10 guests in your group. The price varies based on the number of guests. Prices for champagne bottles also vary. Magnum Champagne is priced between $850 and $2,800. You will be allowed to have any 3 standard mixers and this includes Red Bull.

Also, you are allowed to have Tonic, Coke, Water, or Club Soda, depending on your choice. A 6 pack of Red Bull goes for $48, while a 24 pack of Voss water goes for $168. The table minimum pricing depends on how many people are present at your party and how close your location is to the dance floor.

Bottle Service Reservation at Tao

There are two major ways to get a bottle service reservation which are: prepaid reservations and name-only reservations.

Prepaid Reservations

For this, you have to prepay for a bottle service reservation. It is advisable you make payment in advance since prices could increase as the date of the reservation approaches. On non-holiday weekends, the prices of prepaid reservations may be lower.

Paying in advance has more benefits as it helps you narrow down the location of the table further. Then you will be able to choose a better spot to seat. For prepaid reservations, you will have to pay directly to Tao via the company’s link. When you prepay, your location and price are locked.

Name-only Reservations

For name-only reservations, your table will only be booked with your name. You will make payments at the door when you get to the club. Name-only reservations also have their benefits. However, most people get worried that the price or location of the table could change with time.

At Tao Las Vegas, be rest assured that the price or location of your table remains intact as long as it is not a holiday weekend. When you make name-only reservations, it is advisable you arrive on time.

Tao VIP Table

When you make a reservation, you will get the best VIP treatment. At Tao, all table reservations feature mixers like cranberry, pineapple juice, and orange. You can get tonic water for free.

For Tao VIP table, there is a cocktail server that attends to your needs. There is a busser that ensures your glasses keep getting filled with drinks and your tables remain clean all through the night.

If you make a VIP Table reservation, you are entitled to have the table all through the night. Once you make a reservation, the table is yours for the moment. Therefore, do well to enjoy it while it lasts.

More Facts about Tao Nightclub

More Facts about Tao Nightclub
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Tao nightclub is one of the most grossing nightclubs in Las Vegas. It is a perfect place for people who want to have real fun. The ‘Voyeur Models’ is one of the features of this nightclub. This is a place where you can celebrate those special moments in your life.

The DJ booth produces beats that make you feel the heat of the moment. There are several Buddha statues in specific spots. At Tao, everything is organized, from the food to the bottle services, the music, and all. DJ Reach handles music at Tao on Fridays while DJ Vice takes control on Saturday.

Although various DJs perform on some nights, the music style remains the same. Tao is a place to have ultimate fun. You can avoid paying cover fees at Tao if you have dinner and stay at the nightclub.

Tao nightclub features a big dance floor with top 40s and hip hop played by DJs. There is a lounge where people can hang out and have a nice time. Tao offers different package deals for different people. It is one of the oldest nightclubs that offer the best services in Las Vegas.

This nightclub features a unique venue layout. For instance, the club has enough space for people to dance. The outdoor balcony, gold poles, chandeliers, and a bird cage are some of the exciting things you will love about this nightclub.

For those who want to be charged at a lower price for bottle services, Tao offers a bottle service sharing experience known as V.I.We. The price for this bottle service goes for about $170 for men and $100 for ladies. You can get a V.I.We ticket that will help you have access to an area exclusively reserved for V.I.We guests.

Why You Should Choose Tao

Why You Should Choose Tao
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There are several benefits you will enjoy when you choose to have fun at Tao nightclub.

Exceptional Bottle Service Prices

In Las Vegas, there are just a few nightclubs that offer bottle service at reasonable prices. To get mixed drinks in this nightclub, you would pay nothing less than $12. Shots and Beers go for $10 and $8 respectively. The prices of bottle service also depend on the event and the demand for the night. The prices for bottles begin at $500. Bottles of alcohol are sold between $600 and $650.

Photo Opportunities

Tao features some nice backdrops for taking nice shots. The top of the staircase is one of the most beautiful spots to take pictures. You can also head towards the Voyeur hallway where you can get a bench with the logo of Tao.

Diverse Crowds

At Tao nightclub, you will get to meet different people from all walks of life. People in different age groups visit this nightclub.  Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s, you can never feel out of place.

Great Strip Views

The outdoor balcony at Tao is thrilling. This place is a nice spot if you want to stay away from the party and enjoy a fantastic view. The entrance to the balcony is easy to locate. It is close to the birdcage bar. Also, the club has one of the most thrilling balconies in Vegas when it comes to the view. Here, you can have a clear view of how the gondolas find their way through the water.

Nice Restrooms

Just in case you are very selective when it comes to the type of restrooms you use, then you have no worries. Tao nightclub offers private restrooms. You get to have your own mirror, wash station, and toilet.

For ladies, head towards the stairway in the club close to the 360-degree bar. When you get there, you will meet a security guard; just tell him you want to use the restroom. Guys’ restrooms are also next to the stairs but the queue is always too long.

Fast and Comfortable Bars

The bars at Tao are very comfortable and drinks are also very easy to get. Here, you don’t have to struggle to get a drink. When you order your drinks, you get them with ease. The 360-degree bar at Tao is one of the best spots to get a drink. This bar is located at the right corner of the DJ booth. Here, you don’t have to struggle to get the attention of a bartender as it is well-staffed.

You can also find a bar on the club’s left side. If the directions seem unclear, just look for where a birdcage is hung on the ceiling. You will see a bar there. Although this bar isn’t as big as the 360-degree bar, you can quickly grab drinks there.

Great Restaurant

Great Restaurant of Tao Nightclub
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Don’t get it twisted, Tao restaurant offers the best meal in Las Vegas. The Tao restaurant is located close to the nightclub. In this place, you will have a taste of different meals from Thailand, Japan, and China. This top-notch Asian Bistro offers you tasteful meals. Some people visit Tao just to have a taste of its meals.

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Exceptional Music

Tao nightclub Las Vegas is known for the mix of quality music provided by DJs. The music in this nightclub is exceptional. Tao plays hip hop and top 40’s. Tao offers a great selection of music, a major reason you will find various ethnicities in this nightclub.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dress code is allowed at Tao?

Tao doesn’t allow any dress code. There are rules. Men are allowed to wear a sport coat or collared shorts. It is important you avoid wearing sportswear like jerseys, tracksuits, sports shoes, etc. For ladies, Jeans and a top with a nice pair of shoes are allowed. Flip-flops and sneakers are not allowed.

Is there any guest list at Tao?

Tao nightclub has a guest list. You are allowed to sign up for this list for free. The guest list is made available between 10:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. It is very easy to get on this list. Just provide details about the date you would like to attend and the number of people in your group.

How much does cover charge cost at Tao?

For women and men, the cover charge begins from $15 and $20 respectively. However, prices for special performances and holiday weekends are more expensive.

What type of music is played at Tao?

Tao plays Top40 and Hip hop.

What is the best table spot?

There are different tables within the main room. They all have various needs. Tables around the ‘moat area’ and dance floor are one of the most popular tables. These tables can easily get crowded. People who love freedom and space will love the cabana tables.

Is there a list of upcoming DJs/ events at Tao?

You can find a list of upcoming DJs/ events at Tao by downloading the Discotech app. Tao’s website also provides you with a list of current events.

Is Tao free for people staying in the Venetian?

For people staying at the Venetian, they can get discounted admission.

How much gratuities and taxes are charged for Tao bottle service?

For all table reservations, a 20% gratuity and a 10% sales tax are recommended.

Is there an age limit at Tao?

There is no age limit in the Tao dining room. However, only people that are 21 years and above are allowed into the nightclub.

How do I get into Tao?

You can get to Tao by heading to the hotel’s front entrance and taking the escalator. This is considered the easiest way to gain entry into the Tao nightclub.

Does Tao offer a military discount?

Yes, Tao offers a military discount to men and women who serve in the military. You can gain free entry into the nightclub with a valid military identity card. However, on holiday weekends, there may be some exclusion.


Tao nightclub is an Asian-inspired nightclub. It is a great entertainment venue and is popular in Las Vegas. There is no discrimination at any point; just ensure you follow the rules. This club offers great benefits for you to enjoy. Just get your tickets and be sure Tao will surely do well to satisfy you.