Venetian Gondola Ride: Prices, Hours, Tips

The Venetian Resort in Vegas offers its guests a unique chance to enjoy gondola trips down the replica waterway. Visitors can marvel at the recreated Grand Canal located in Venice under graceful balconies and bridges. The entire architecture of the resort and the Grand Canal Shoppes bear striking resemblances to their European counterparts.

Undoubtedly, Venice in Italy is well-known for its sightseeing boats that attract millions of tourists each year. Yet, you don’t need a passport to experience this one-of-a-kind adventure. Authentic gondola rides at The Venetian on the Las Vegas Strip are within your reach at an affordable price.

In this guide, we give a brief overview of gondola ride costs, hours, and tickets. We’ll also share a few pro tips to help you decide whether a trip is worth the price. Keep reading and experience your boat cruise at The Venetian to its fullest potential.

The Memorable Venetian Gondola Ride Experience

The Memorable Venetian Gondola Ride Experience
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Many Americans crave a romantic outing along the canals of Venice. Whether due to financial reasons or lack of time, they have never had the opportunity to indulge in Italy. Luckily, Las Vegas boasts The Venetian, which can make your dreams come true without flying overseas.

The resort’s engineers have gone to exceptional lengths to achieve the authentic look and ambiance of Venice. You will soon realize that the hotel has invested incredible efforts to recreate the landmarks that symbolize the Venetian paradise.

Once you step into the kingdom, you will immediately spot the Grand Canal Shoppes. Here, you can experience the Italian feel and atmosphere while floating under balconies, besides upscale stores, and beneath lovely bridges. The interior is so intricate that it makes you feel you are strolling down tiny Italian streets.

As you get closer to the waterway of the Grand Canal and its gondolas, you’ll most likely hear a mesmerizing melody. Besides rowing the boats along the canals, talented gondoliers sing Italian serenades. This way, they create a romantic getaway for couples and entertain the guests.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Rides

Venetian Gondola Indoor Ride
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At the resort, you can choose between indoor and outdoor gondola rides. Both trips have the same duration and cost, so it’s up to your preferences.

Visitors who opt for the indoor alternative want to get lost in the immersive experience of being in Venice. Since the interior resembles a radiant day typical of Venice, you’ll forget about time and location. Plus, staying inside can prove a wise decision if the weather is windy or rainy.

Another reason why you’d go for an inside ride is the several bridges you can float underneath. Moreover, St. Mark’s Square and the Grand Canal Shoppes replicate Venice from the bottom to the blue sky mural above.

Alternatively, you can take the outdoor gondola ride if the weather permits it. If you hit the canals at night, you can relish the stunning ambiance of the Las Vegas Strip. Even more, the illuminated façade of The Venetian will add to the impression.

Venetian Gondola Outdoor Ride
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By taking the outside route, you can enjoy the fresh air, but you will still hear the sounds of Vegas around. Instead of the romantic dimmed-light touch of the resort, you will face the Las Vegas skyline. Those who prefer the outdoor ride should remember that the last gondola leaves the dock 15 minutes before closing.

How Many People Fit In A Gondola?

There are no restrictions on the Venetian gondola ride weight limit. Yet, each ride on a shared gondola can accommodate four people at the most, so the chances you get paired with another couple are high. Those who have a romantic date in mind should try less busy times.

If you’re planning to propose or get married in the resort, some packages include a gondola embellished with flowers. The resort knows how to make its guests feel special and create long-lasting memories.

The Unique Gondolier March

Another highlight you mustn’t miss at The Venetian is the gondoliers’ authentic crowd-pleaser. The so-called Gondolier March with a team of singing gondoliers takes place twice a day. These talented singers march in unison along the indoor canal and entertain the crowds that flock to the Grand Canal Shoppes.

By announcing a new day of catchy serenades, the march starts at the gondola turn-around point. This unique song display is on at about 9:50 am and 4:20 pm every day.

Venetian Gondola Ride Prices and Hours

If you wonder how much a gondola ride at The Venetian is, here’s a detailed explanation. Depending on whether you visit during weekends or not, prices change a bit. More specifically, taking a gondola ride from Monday or Thursday to Sunday will cost you $39  per person. From Tuesday to Wednesday, you’ll pay $34 per person.

Both indoor and outdoor rides cost the same. Yet, even if no other people share the gondola with you, the ride will cost $116 for both of you.

Besides the regular rate, you can also select a photo package, which costs an extra $32. Special occasion packages bear different prices, which you can arrange via email at [email protected].

Last, don’t forget to include the gondolier tip in your budget planned for The Venetian. On average, couples leave a $5 to $10 tip to the gondolier. Small groups usually give a gratuity up to $20.

To summary:

Price Monday: $39.00
Tuesday – Wednesday: $34.00
Thursday – Sunday: $39
Photo Packages: Start at $32.00
Ticket Booth Hours Indoor Gondola: 9:30 a.m.
Outdoor Gondola: 9:30 a.m.
Indoor Ride Hours Mon – Thurs, Sun: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Fri – Satur: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Outdoor Ride Hours Daily: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.


  • Reservations must be made in person.
  • Last Gondola leaves the dock 15 minutes prior to closing.
  • The Outdoor Ride operates on a seasonal and weather permitting basis.

Is It Worth Taking A Gondola Ride At The Venetian?

We will consider several aspects to decide whether taking a gondola is worth the price. The first factor is the Venetian gondola ride length. The resort doesn’t state the official duration, but guests say the ride takes between ten and 15 minutes. However, the average timing is about 12 or 13 minutes.

Second, think about the occasion. If you’re celebrating a special occasion or want to propose, the ride can be worth the money. Remember that the ride covers about a half-mile of water, so make sure you’re well-prepared for it.

Finally, your financial situation and eagerness will play a vital role. Meaning, if you have always wanted to hop on a gondola and glide through the canals, then go for it. Overall, spending a packed Valentine’s Day at The Venetian Canal is a superb idea.

This one-off experience is also a massive hit among families. Still, the price is not low, and those on a tight budget may decide to skip the gondola and walk along the canal for free.

Venetian Gondola Ride Tips

Venetian Gondola Ride Tips
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Whether you are taking a gondola to propose or have a whale of a time with your family, this adventure is unique. Below are a few extra tips on exploring The Venetian in its entirety since it is one of the most elaborate in Las Vegas.

  • A gondola ride at the Venetian is among the top-notch wedding venues in Las Vegas for those looking to get married or engaged.
  • Some gondoliers come from Italy and share amazing facts about Venice. They also tell funny stories and encourage kissing under the bridges.
  • Don’t miss the free Streetmosphere show in St. Mark’s Square. The event lasts about 15 minutes with a team of singers and jugglers who perform every day of the year.

Bottom Line

Thanks to The Venetian, you can get a taste of Italy without boarding a plane. Now, you can experience the narrow canals of Venice and knock it off your bucket list by riding a replica gondola in Las Vegas.

Worry not even if you have a tight budget. Enjoy the mesmerizing songs of the gondoliers and other performers fully committed to the Italian theme. The focus on detail and layout of the buildings under the painted azure sky will give you the impression that Venice is beneath your feet.

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Can You Get Married on Venetian Gondolas?

Yes, couples can get married on the Las Vegas Venetian gondolas. The resort takes pride in all-inclusive wedding venue packages featuring a gorgeous white wedding gondola decorated in gold.

How and Where Do You Book a Gondola?

Visitors must make all reservations in person in one of the two ticket offices. Indoor ride tickets are available near the Waterfall Atrium in the Grand Canal Shoppes and St. Mark’s Square. The outside ride ticket office is near the boarding area, close to the casino entrance off Las Vegas Blvd.