The 2 Vanderpump Restaurants in Las Vegas

Vanderpump is taking over Las Vegas with one location at Caesars Palace and an upcoming one at Paris Las Vegas. Vanderpump Cocktail Garden took its place among the upscale groups in Caesars Palace Las Vegas like Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen, Pronto by Giada, Bobby Flay’s Messa Grill, Restaurant Guy Savoy, and Mr. Chow.

The celebrated reality TV personality and restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump is expanding her whimsical cocktails and eclectic designs to Sin City, one restaurant at a time. Lush Parisian-inspired décor at the will fill you with the ancient nostalgia that adds to its ambiance.

Let us take you through what Venderpump has to offer in Las Vegas in terms of dining, drinking, and entertainment. Get to know the rich history of Lisa and her husband’s empire that they have built for over thirty years.

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden 1
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  • Address: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 8910, at the Strip in Caesars Palace
  • Website: Venderpump at Caesars Palace
  • Telephone Number: 702-731-7867
  • Business Hours: Monday to Wednesday from 4 pm to 12 am, and Thursday to Sunday from 12 pm to 12 am

Lisa and her husband Ken Todd are owners of the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden as well as other 35 restaurants around the world.

Most of these establishments are located in Los Angeles as well as London. Some of them include Bar Soho, Villa Blanca, Tom Tom Restaurant, The Shadow Lounge, and SUR Restaurant.

Lisa took part in the design and construction of 26 of her bars and restaurants in London which inspired her to bring her skills to Las Vegas. Vanderpump Cocktail Garde debuted in March 2019 at Caesar Palace in the most glamorous opening of the year. She was joined by her famous costars and celebrities like Lance Bass and Camile Grammer.

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The garden is an oasis that is special and decadent to give its visitors a majestic feel with its greenery and light feel of nature. The design features amazing Nick Alain lighting as well as furniture and fixtures. It comes with an industrial décor style designed by Nick Alain which is incorporated into Lisa’s signature feminine touch of pink.

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden 2
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You will feel transported to a tranquil decadent setting once you walk into the Cocktail Garden. The plush seating indoor patio, olive trees, and lighting fixtures are perfect for a day of relaxation and bliss. Vanderpump Cocktail Garden’s dress code is casual which is suited to its upscale clientele and nightlife environment.

Vanderpump Cocktail Garden Menu and Prices

The menu is extensive with a sizeable selection of cocktails and cuisines. There are handcrafted cocktails from Lisa Vanderpump herself featuring stand-out items like the English garden – a blend of Hendrick’s gin, basil, lemon & line, celery bitters, Aquafaba, and elderflower. You may also opt for the Puff the Magic Dragon which comes with Lemon, Dragonfruit, firewater Bitters, Orange Bitters, Mescal, Tajin, and Jalapeno.

Another fun favorite is the Checkmate Bitch which is meant to be taken after you have made a toast to ‘Checkmate Bitch’. The drink is made of Stoli Hot Vodka, Chacho jalapeno, fresh pineapple, grapefruit liquor, vanilla citrus, pink peppercorns, and Angostura bitters.

There are light sumptuous bites that include fresh floral garnishes that help shine the garden atmosphere of your plate. Do not forget about the Vanderpump Rose which is a wine selection crafted by Lisa Vanderpump from her inspiration in the South of France. It has sweet citrus, together with pepper, the nose of red currant, and features the dry classic style.

From the kitchen, you will get treated to the truffled potato chips for just $9 and other items like the $14 Manchego Stuffed Bacon wrapped bates and citrus microgreens. You have both vegetarian and vegan options if you prefer to leave the meat alone.

Feast upon the savory Rose cake for two that features a Rose infused sponge cake together with strawberry buttercream, all for just $19. View the full menu for more options in terms of cocktails and food offerings.

The Vanderpump wine collection is one to mesmerize upon with options for glass or bottle purchases. Their signature wines include the Chardonnay, Venderpump, Sonoma Coast which costs $65 per bottle and $17 per glass. Other wine options include the Venderpump Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon and the Vanderpump Cotes de Provence Rose.

Vanderpump à Paris: Upcoming This Winter

Vanderpump à Paris
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Vanderpump à Paris will feature the signature drinks from other Vanderpump establishments. The wine collection of Vanderpump’s Rosé, Chardonnay, and Cabernet reflects the high-end nature of the restaurant that will be located in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

You are invited to enter these premises when it opens in a casual dress code to experience the nightlife in a chill and sexy environment. The ambiance of the restaurant is designed to embrace the Parisian culture of a long time past. You will get to feast upon an eclectic meal and unique cocktails together with delectable dishes.

The menu will feature Parisian classic meals that are not easily found anywhere in Las Vegas, let alone in the United States. The Vanderpump à Paris will come with a menu that is quite similar to the one at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. You will get the option of having similar dishes like the decadent light bites that cover your plate with lots of greenery.

The second Vanderpump outlet at the Strip will introduce new cocktails and drink concepts that have never been seen before in other places. It will add some new items to expand the Vanderpump restaurant empire and curve their name in a special niche in the industry.

Vanderpump à Paris is stated to accommodate up to 200 guests and feature a lot of seating arrangements for parties, events, and brunch. Get ready to be mesmerized by Lisa’s charm and her one-of-a-kind design style at Paris Las Vegas.

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Final Thoughts

Lisa Venaderpump is one of the best restaurateurs who never disappoint. You will love her taste in décor and thematic scene in her establishments will leave you mesmerized on the special touch. Vanderpump à Paris will be her latest addition in a space that hasn’t been explored fully. Keep the destination in mind to be the first one to soak in the great ambiance of Vanderpump à Paris.

Vanderpump Las Vegas: FAQs

1. How do I make a reservation at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden?

The Vanderpump establishment at Caesars Palace does not accept reservations outside of the New Year’s Eve events. Visit Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas to dine in and have an amazing brunch with friends and family.

2. What is Lisa Vanderpump known for apart from Vanderpump Cocktail Garden?

The 60-year-old restaurateur is famous for her role in the hit reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the Venderpump Rules. She is married to the famous Ken Todd and together has been able to create a vast empire of over 36 restaurants across the world. She also has signature wines that include the Venderpump Rose, Chardonnay, and Cabernet.