Top 11 Coolest Bars in Las Vegas (2024 Update)

We all know that Sin City is epic. You can go wild in the clubs, splash about at the pool parties and spin the night away in top casinos. With so much going on, it’s no surprise that Vegas is home to some of the coolest bars ever!

There are joints where you can sip cocktails at sub-zero temperatures, relax with a whiskey by a campfire or get your game on with a round of giant beer pong.

If you’re looking for a bar with ‘good vibes only’, look no further! Here is your ultimate guide to the coolest bars in Las Vegas.

1. Minus 5 Ice Bar, South and Central Strip

Minus 5 Ice Bar 1
Source: @minus5icebar

The coolest bar in Vegas (quite literally!) is Minus 5 Ice Bar. With locations at Mandala Bay Resort, the Venetian and Linq Promenade, this bar can’t be missed! When they say that everything is made of ice, they really mean everything! The walls, chairs, bar and even your drinking glass will be frozen.

Minus 5 Ice Bar 2
Source: @minus5icebar

For just $50, you’ll get entry to the sub-zero bar, a warm jacket, gloves and two ice-cold cocktails. Or you can go without the cocktails for just $25. This venue is perfect to visit on a special occasion. Make sure your book your tickets in advance!

  • Price range: Beer (spiked with coffee) for $7, cocktails for $10 and shots for $5
  • Food: No
  • Specials: $5 birthday shots!
  • What it’s best for: A unique and *cool* experience in Vegas!
  • Atmosphere: Fun and entertaining

2. Peppermill Fireside Lounge, North Strip

Peppermill Fireside Lounge
Source: @peppermillvegas

Voted the most romantic bar in Vegas, Peppermill Fireside Lounge is one the coolest places in Sin City! Its vibes are so good that it’s often used as a filming spot – including Robert DeNiro movies and Adam Lambert music videos. This neon lounge is cozy and chilled, but it’s always lively and full of great music.

If you get hungry, beware – the portions are huge! If you’d rather relax and sip a few drinks in the stylish surroundings, you’ll have nine different cocktails to choose from – including a highly-favored Key Lime Pie Martini.

  • Price range: Beers for $8 and cocktails between $10-20
  • Food: Yes – breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Specials: Daily happy hour between 3-6pm
  • What it’s best for: Drinking by a campfire!
  • Atmosphere: Cozy, upbeat and stylish
  • Menu:

3. Gold Spike, Downtown

Gold Spike
Source: @goldspikedtlv

Gold Spike is the coolest downtown Vegas bar that’s always ready to party! This one-of-a-kind party house has so much going on that you’ll never be bored. With great drinks, spacious lounges and a ‘playground’, it has to be your top priority to visit when you’re Downtown!

Out in the playground, you’ll find interactive and oversized games like giant beer pong, twister, Lego – and so much more! It’ll bring back the childhood memories and be a fun-filled night out with your mates. What’s even better is that on Friday and Saturday nights, live bands perform out in the backyard to an energetic crowd.

If you’re planning a big event, you can book The Sugar Shack or the Penthouse Suite (as featured in MTV’s ‘The Real World’) for guaranteed amusement!

Make a reservation now.

  • Price range: Beers priced between $4-10
  • What it’s best for: Late-night partying downtown!
  • Atmosphere: Energetic and refreshing
  • Menu:

4. Hofbräuhaus, Off-Strip

Source: @hofbrauhauslv

Serving classic Bavarian beers imported directly from Munich, Hofbräuhaus is one of the best bars in Sin City! Expect to sit at communal tables and turn strangers into friends at this lively drinking joint.

You’ll find an entertaining atmosphere full of beer pong, musical chairs and ski shots. On weekends, MC Johann will be in the Haus playing authentic Bavarian hits using his giant Alphorn.

The menu is full of classical favorites – from potato pancakes and freshly baked pretzels to pot roasts and schnitzels. If you get the chance, visit this bar during Oktoberfest. With live music, kegs and competitions, it’ll be a night you’ll remember forever! Make a reservation now.

  • Price range: Beers between $7-17
  • Food: Yes – classic Bavarian dishes
  • What it’s best for: Socially drinking booze from a stein!
  • Atmosphere: Upbeat and gregarious

5. Frankie’s Tiki Room, Off-Strip

Frankie’s Tiki Room
Source: @thehulagirls

If you love the idea of sipping cocktails in an exotic bamboo forest, you’ll Frankie’s Tiki Room! The enchanting décor is unbelievably cool and creates the best vibe to get boozed up. Once your eyes have adjusted to the dark, you’ll be welcome to eat, drink, smoke and gamble in the strange yet alluring bar.

The wicked cocktails are both savage and demonic. Expect to find lethal concoctions (with almost every drink paired with rum!) that are nothing like you’ve ever tasted before. Even though there isn’t a kitchen, you’re welcome to order in a takeaway if you get peckish.

  • Price range: Cocktails for $8 (or for $20 cocktails, you get to keep the tiki-inspired mugs they’re served in!)
  • Food: No – but you can order pizza takeaway
  • What it’s best for: A wicked and dark experience away from the strip!
  • Atmosphere: Exotic and mischievous
  • Menu:

6. Skyfall Lounge, South Strip

Skyfall Lounge 1
Source: @skyfalllounge

For a party in the clouds, Skyfall Lounge has one of the best views of the city! Up on the 64th floor, you’ll be treated to 180-degree views, soothing music and divine cocktails. The vibe is more ‘chill’ than other drinking spots, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a DJ ramping up the volume the later it gets!

Skyfall Lounge 2
Source: @skyfalllounge

This stylish bar under the stars can only be pre-booked (it gets busy) and you’ll want to eat before you visit. While delicious, the food menu only has sweet and savory snacks.

  • Price range: Beers between $8-10, cocktails between $18-20 and wine by the glass between $14-29
  • Food: Yes – sweet and savory snacks only
  • What it’s best for: Chilling in the clouds with the best views!
  • Atmosphere: Laid-back and sophisticated

7. Count’s Vamp’d, Off-Strip

Count’s Vamp’d
Source: @vampdvegas

To experience one of the coolest rock bars off the Vegas strip, you’ll want to head to Count’s Vamp’d! If you like rock n’ roll, you’ll love the live bands up on stage every weekend crooning the tunes.

Since the bar was founded by Danny ‘Count’ Koker of History’s Counting Cars, it’s no surprise that you’ll catch top performers in 2021 like Tinnitus, Hell Mary, LA Guns and Y & T. Most shows are free to enjoy, but some are ticket-only events.

If you visit in the afternoon for a drink and a ‘bite’, expect to find an intimate vibe in the living room or outdoor patio. Late at night on the weekends, you’ll find a professional stage and banging sound system with some of the best rock band performances in the city!

  • Food: Yes – snacks, burgers and desserts
  • What it’s best for: Watching live bands concert-style!
  • Atmosphere: Rock n’ roll!

8. Ghost Donkey, South Strip

Ghost Donkey
Source: @ghost_donkey

Assuming you can find it, the hidden Ghost Donkey that’s buried deep in the Cosmopolitan is one of the coolest bars in Vegas! The legendary speakeasy serves some of the best cocktails and Mexican food (the black truffle nachos are a specialty!) in the quaintest of settings.

Expect to find sociable sofas and minimal seating space, with friendly bartenders and adventurous guests. You won’t be able to resist trying a tequila or mezcal (the choice of flavors is never-ending!).

  • Price range: Cocktails for $17 and tequila/mezcals between $14-24
  • Food: Yes – Mexican-style cuisine
  • What it’s best for: Trying unique mezcal flavors in a mysterious setting!
  • Atmosphere: Fun and friendly

9. The Underground at the Mob Museum, North Strip

The Underground Speakeasy and Distillery

Another one of Vegas’ secret bars is The Underground, found in the Mob Museum. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the roaring twenties the moment you step foot in it! Just because it’s a secret bar, it doesn’t mean it’s small.

This hidden joint can hold up to 120 guests and regularly hosts live Jazz bands. If you’re lucky enough to visit on a night with a band, get ready to have the best time ever!

Since this speakeasy was formed in the prohibition days, it can be hard to find. You can either enter through the basement of the museum or through a side door outside where you have to give a special password to get in. The code changes weekly, so check the website before you visit!

In line with the quirky and ‘secret’ theme, the bartenders have lots of clever tricks up their sleeves. They’ll serve drinks in ‘mysterious’ ways, just like they did in the twenties when it was forbidden to drink! One time you might be served a bottle that’s hidden in a hollow book.

Another time, you’ll get your drink in a teacup. It’s a clever touch and adds to the quirky vibe!

  • Price range: Beer between $6-7, cocktails between $10-14 and wine between $10-12
  • Food: Yes – sharing platters only
  • Specials: Craft cocktails, draft beer and wine are $2 off Sunday to Thursday between 5-7pm
  • What it’s best for: Sipping whiskey and listening to live Jazz!
  • Atmosphere: Fun, classy and full of energy
  • Menu:

10. Barbershop Cuts

Barbershop Cuts 1
Source: @thebarbershoplv

If you haven’t already guessed, Sin City is full of hidden bars! One of the coolest joints in Vegas is Barbershop Cuts’ secret bar. Enter through an unassuming janitor’s closet (in an actual barbershop!) and you’ll be greeted with comfortable sofas and welcoming bartenders inviting you to try some of the best Whiskey in town.

Barbershop Cuts 2
Source: @thebarbershoplv

Their spiked juices (often featuring brandy, whiskey or bourbon) are a subtle nod to the Prohibition days. But the coolest thing about this bar is the live entertainment! Tuesday nights is karaoke time and from Wednesday to Sunday you’ll find live bands setting up stage.

  • Price range: Beer between $8-10, shooters for $16 and spiked juices for $17
  • Food: Yes – table snacks and desserts
  • What it’s best for: Sipping whiskey and getting a fresh trim
  • Atmosphere: Vintage and sociable!
  • Menu:

11.  Herbs & Rye

Herbs & Rye
Source: @herbsandrye

Herbs & Rye is best known for its incredible cocktails accompanied by an educational anecdote while drinking. Ranked in the North America’s 50 Best Bars, Herbs & Rye has become a local’s favorite for its classic cocktails, juicy steaks, and old timey interiors with red button-tufted booths!

The history behind every drink you sip is laid bare on the menu, giving you a glimpse into the rich backstory of their naming, production, and fame. You will be excited by their naming with an organized list showcasing the drinks from an era perspective; Golden Age to the Rat Pack Era and Tiki Boom!

  • Price range: Beer between $6-10, cocktails between $10-14 and wine between $10-12
  • Food: Yes – steaks and meats
  • What it’s best for: Sipping cocktails in an old timey environment
  • Atmosphere: Vintage and classic!
  • Menu:

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